• Private Yoga Lessons

Private yoga lessons can provide tremendous results for anyone experiencing bodily limitations, just beginning yoga or looking for a more personal yogic experience.  You can select a private lesson style from the options below, or your lesson can be catered to any need or desire you have.  Whether you are looking for strength, flexibility, stamina, alignment, balance, mental focus, relaxation, (or to perfect that headstand!) Colin will provide a safe, supportive environment where you can establish a more unified connection between the body and mind.

Please contact if you are considering a private lesson using the message system below!

And don’t forget, you can always invite friends to create a private group lesson! $15 per additional student.


Purchase three private lessons with Colin and get the first lesson for 50% off! Take advantage of this great deal to either begin or deepen your practice.


The true benefits of yoga can only be gained through “dedicated practice over a period of time” (Yoga Sutras of Patanjali).  In honor of your dedication, save up to $50 to spend on something else good for you. Receive five private lessons for $250.

Private Lesson Options

All private lessons include props (sticky mat, blocks, chairs, blankets) and a helpful instructor enthusiastic to help deepen your practice!  Music and aroma therapy are provided upon request.

Lessons range from 1 hour – 1 hour 15 min

$60 per lesson


Enjoy a well-rounded class with attention to all aspects of the body.  Begin with a centering warm up that links the breath, body and mind.  Then flow through a variety of Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara) catered to your level.  Continue warming the body and lubricating the muscles through a series of standing poses aimed at increasing strength, flexibility and balance until reaching your peak pose.  Cool down and bring it back down to earth with a few seated twists and forward folds that soften you into a deep Svanasana (Corpse Pose).


Yoga is perhaps the safest, healthiest method of getting in shape.  There are no timers, weights, or outside influences aimed at tempting your ego while distracting the pure mind.  It’s just you, and your body… And a little encouragement from Colin : )  Your active lesson will coordinate your breath and movement through a “flow style” sequence based in the Sun Salutations of Ashtanga Yoga.  You are guaranteed to work up a sweat, while strengthening and lengthening the entire body in this athletic lesson.


If you find yourself low on energy and high on stress, restorative yoga can help you relax and recuperate. Through both active and passive poses, Colin will guide you through an intelligent sequence aimed at restoring energy, releasing the body and calming the mind.  Your session will be accommodating to your specific needs.


Do you suffer from back, neck, hip or knee pain?  Headaches, trouble sleeping, or asthma?  With a regular yoga practice, these bodily issues can often be reversed.  (Colin has weaned himself off of three asthma medications and corrected his posture to reduce headaches, foot pain and neck problems.)  Western medicine often addresses the symptoms without giving attention to the causes.  Take control of your pain and suffering by taking control of your body. (Price based on client’s specific issues and understanding of body.  If you have serious muscle, joint or back injury it is highly recommended that you see a licensed medical professional prior to beginning a yoga practice.)


If you want to work on your alignment in a series of specific poses, practice pranayama (breath control), perfect your inversions (headstand, shoulderstand, etc.), or anything you can imagine Colin can create a custom private suited to your needs.  Either way, your lesson will be thoughtfully constructed, safe and engaging!

Please email at cschour1@gmail.com to schedule your private lesson today!