Life Examined

Yoga- Handstand Tunnel

Learning and sharing- I hope to find both of these by way of this blog and website. I will be doing more learning than sharing over the next year (in areas additional to yoga… or are there areas additional to Yoga?) so I will not be posting frequently. However, please check out “Colin’s Corner” for more content and added alliteration. : )

Finding the Fascia

“It’s all connected, man…” Yoga teaches us that everything is connected.  Whether it’s “the hip bone’s connected to the thigh bone,” or the breath is connected to the mind, or that I am connected to you, everything is united in one way or another.  However, these connections can often times be hard to… connect with. […]

Life and “Loss”

“The soul never takes birth and never dies, nor does it come into being again when the body is created.  The soul is birthless, eternal, imperishable, and timeless and is never destroyed when the body is destroyed.”   Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 20, Verse 2   Just this week, a fellow yoga teacher trainee of mine died […]

The Power of Pranayama

“Take five deep breaths through the nose before bed each night…” As a child, I was diagnosed with chronic asthma (or assmar, as I lovingly referred to it as.)  I took up to three daily medications (Alubuterol, Combivent, Advair, Singulair, etc.) to control my breathing and prevent the dreaded “assmar attack.”  Even given this medication, […]

Ego and Injury

“We don’t use our bodies to get into these poses.  We use these poses to get into our bodies.” -Sarah Powers One of the primary goals of yoga is to quiet the dominating ego (asmita).  The ego is the lowercase self that we often falsely identify with (“I am a teacher.  I am a man. […]

Finding Perspective

“When we are swimming in a river and cannot see the bank, it is difficult to notice the current.  We are moving so much with the river that we may scarcely see its flow.  But if we go to the bank where we have firm ground it is much easier to see how the river […]