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Yoga in Big Bear, CA

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"Yoga is the cessation of the modifications of the mind.

Then there is abiding in the seer's own true form."

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Private Lesson Special!

Big Bear local?  Purchase 3 private lessons and get your first one for half off!  Only $15 per additional student.

Candlelight Flow

New to yoga? Looking for a gentle class that introduces you to breathwork, poses, meditation and sound therapy? Candlelight Flow is the class for you! Every Wednesday from 6:15-7:30pm.

Vinyasa Flow

If you’re interested in making significant gains in strength, flexibility and balance, Colin’s Vinyasa Flow class on Monday is the place to be! Set to great music, this paced class will challenge and uplift you. : )


“I have taken both studio and private classes from Colin and his passion for yoga exudes in every class he teaches.   He fuses anatomy and alignment with eloquence and enthusiasm.  I find private classes with Colin beneficial since he caters the classes to my specific needs.  He has the ability to see things from an anatomical viewpoint and as a result my personal practice has grown.  I had a shoulder injury and Colin was able to pinpoint the reason why I was putting undue stress and pressure on the joint.  He gave me exercises and focal points to strengthen the muscles around the joint.  My shoulder has since healed, and I feel more confident and stronger in my practice.  Thanks, Colin!”

Amelia R.

“There is no doubt that Colin’s yoga teaching has changed my life. As a former competitive athlete I felt I knew my body and its limits fairly well, but I discovered that Colin knows even more. The depth of his knowledge is revealed in the dizzying array of poses, stretches, meditations and lovely music arranged so well that each session feels completely fresh and new, and it all coalesces into a custom tailored class best suited to my specific needs. Add in his unfailing humor and grace and the experience is complete.”

Jennifer K.

Colin welcomed my 12-year-old son Stevie and I as 100% beginners. He listens with true sincerity to our needs and fulfills them in every session. Colin has made our journey with Yoga fun enlightening and enriching, He is like a breath of fresh air with his precious, uplifting energy and beautiful music.

Jamanna G.